The Luxembourg Global Executive MBA

Challenge and Expand Your Thinking

Leading change is the new normal. The Luxembourg Global Executive MBA offers a practical and no-nonsense ‘real life’ approach to doing business in today's complex and rapidly changing environment of the global business world. The program has been designed to challenge your thinking, expand your resilience and accelerate your development.

World-Class Learning Journey

The Luxembourg Global Executive MBA is taught by a mix of faculty coming from top-ranked schools and proven business leaders. Our faculty is dynamic and forward thinking, each bringing a unique approach to business concepts. During the course of the immersion weeks you will fully leverage from your close interaction with them. As mentors, they will motivate you to reach your greatest potential.

The Luxembourg Global Executive MBA Format

Our Luxembourg Global Executive MBA has been uniquely designed in an effective concentrated format over a period of 18 months maximizing your learning experience through immersive weeks and online learning. Despite the intensive schedule, you will be able to combine your business commitments and private life. During the immersion weeks, you will fully optimize your world-class learning journey via cohesiveness with your peers, faculty, and LSB staff. 


18 months

The Luxembourg Global Executive MBA is an 18 month blended learning program divided into 6 modules, each lasting 12 weeks.


6 Modules

Each module contains 1 immersive week + 2 days of online classes. The immersive weeks will take place in Luxembourg, Miami, Shanghai and Dubai



The Luxembourg Global Executive MBA is entirely taught in English.

Next intake

September 2022

Seats are limited. Apply now to secure your seat in the program. *Start date postponed from March 2022 to September 2022 due to current travel restrictions.


Our approach

As a modern and dynamic business school with an entrepreneurial spirit, LSB has designed the Luxembourg Global Executive MBA in a pragmatic way, enabling the students to get the maximum value from your investment. We believe in complete transparency within an environment that values openness and honesty.

An all-inclusive intelligent investment

We have efficiently designed our program based on quality at a fair and intelligent price. Our tuition fees of 48.000 euros include accommodation, all meals, and extracurricular activities during the immersion weeks giving you the headspace to focus on your learning without any extra hidden costs. Flights to and from each immersive week will be at your expense.

Experienced Professionals

You will join a carefully selected group of high-potential participants whose career, skill set, and cultural backgrounds complement your own. As a participant, you will be challenged and stretched by both the faculty and your classmates. The stimulating academics and inspirational relationships provide a rich environment for personal and professional growth.

Program Features

Global Immersion

Lsb Ikone 15

Global immersion in 4 of the world’s most emerging business hotspots

Business Forums

Lsb Ikone 152

Gain an active business network and in-depth knowledge of the region


Lsb Ikone 154

The program journey is a transformative process and a rare opportunity to reevaluate your career and develop your executive story with the guidance of a mentor

Lifelong Learning

Lsb Ikone 156

As an alumni of LSB you will have access to LSB’s Executive Education programs, in Finance, Leadership, Innovation, or Marketing without any additional fees


Lsb Ikone 155

You will join a carefully selected group of high-potential participants whose career, skill set, and cultural backgrounds complement your own

Capstone Project

Lsb Ikone 157

The capstone of the Luxembourg Global Executive MBA is a consulting project where LSB collaborates with companies from different sectors

Apply now to start in September 2022!


What we have learned in those classrooms was not just lessons in management. They were powerful life lessons that we will take with us forever. The program has expanded our minds, sharpened our skills, and augmented our knowledge. It has up-leveled the way we think about influencing and leading people.

Kanwar Bharat Singh

LSB Alumni 2020


LSB offers unparalleled opportunities to a new generation of leaders, it is the place where value is created, and real and lasting impact is achieved.

Abdoulaye Faye

LSB Student 2021

European Investment Bank

When an Ex or acting CEO or board member talks about crafting or implementing a strategy and not simply referring to some theory, but sharing their own experience and underlining it with state-of-the-art, it makes a different learning impact on you.

Illia Ostretsov

LSB Alumni 2020

FANUC Europe Corporation

You have the responsibility to change the world: improve your organization, help your teams grow, guide people towards the unknown future and never again be afraid to lead!

Laura Catana

LSB Alumni 2020

Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship

The broadness of my classmates' cultural, academic and professional backgrounds made every in-class discussion, every group assignment immensely enriching and often revealing! The connection to this brilliant group of people is one of the most valuable takeaways from the MBA.

Illia Ostretsov

LSB Alumni 2020

FANUC Europe Corporation


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46 Côte d'Eich, 1450 Luxembourg


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