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Main facts

  • Vibrant cultural life
  • International openness
  • Top-quality sports facilities
  • Natural diversity
  • Excellent food and wine
  • A great place to make friends


Luxembourg-city has two main areas for nightlife: Clausen and the old district around the Great-Duke’s palace. In these areas, you’ll find music for all tastes as well as tons of different events to make friends and dive even deeper into Luxembourg’s infinite opportunities for having a great time.

”Rives du Clausen”

Food and wine are huge things in Luxembourg. At a crossroads between France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg’s food heritage is rich and diverse. Prepared with many local products, Luxembourgish food is generous and fit for gourmet queens and kings.

However, the country’s adopted food traditions from all around the world and you should have no problems finding exotic treats to please your taste buds.

Luxembourg is also famous for its wines. Along Moselle Valley, vineyards produce fine red, white and sparkling wines. You can visit Luxembourg’s wineries all year long but we recommend to do so during one of the various wine festivals. We guarantee you’ll become a wine expert after that!


There are plenty of top-quality sports facilities in Luxembourg. A great example of this is D’Coque, a huge sports building in the European district that gives access to professional sports equipment, fitness courses, Olympic swimming pool, climbing wall, gym, and wellness center.

D’Coque – sport center

And in the Spring, why not challenge yourself with the Luxembourg marathon? Good news: even if you’re not a jogging fan, this event is, in fact, an excuse for a huge event in Luxembourg-city with music bands, food trucks and stalls, and public dancefloors round every corner!


You’ll never get overwhelmed with stress in Luxembourg. Just take a deep breath and chill out. Enjoy a full day of swimming, sauna, steam bath, and spa treatments in Mondorf or Strassen water relaxation centers and tank energy up to keep exploring vibrant Luxembourg.


Music is serious business here. A wide variety of international bands and singers perform in the various venues of the country like the Rockhal in Belval or Den Atelier and the Philharmonie in Luxembourg-city.

Rockhal – Hall Concert

Luxembourg can hold its head up high as far as museums are concerned: art, history, nature, military, transport, you’ll find, for sure, a place that matches your tastes.

There are daily theater performances in Luxembourg, generally played in their original languages, as well as a whole variety of shows: ballet, musicals, stand-up comedy… Unless you’d rather spend a nice evening at the cinematheque or one of Luxembourg’s movie theatres.


The country’s also proud of its architecture. Luxembourg-capital’s fortress and ancient districts were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1994 and you’ll have a great time wandering around the city. From the Seven Castles Valley to the heart of the European district, you’ll find medieval castles, industrial buildings as well as contemporary architecture, a huge deal of eye candy!


Finally, all-year long, festivals and traditional events bring as many occasions for entertainment and make you feel the warm and friendly atmosphere one immediately gets in Luxembourg.

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