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The MBA provides me with a toolbox for making effective decisions and mastering the uncertainty ahead of the problem as best as I can. The WeekendMBA is the right format for me since it allows me to continue to work full-time and directly apply these tools and knowledge to our daily business problems.

Steve Vanacker

Weekend - MBA Class of 2017

Lalux Insurance

The experience at LSB has been a very valuable one. Not only because I learned new skills, but I also experienced a unique diversity of students from different backgrounds who gave me new perspectives on different business subjects and situations. The MBA brought a lot to my career because I was able to apply the things I learned on the weekend directly on Monday at my workplace.

Christopher Leeser

Weekend MBA - Class of 2017

Project Manager - Casino 2000

I decided to do my MBA at Luxembourg School of Business because I thought it was an important decision and an important movement in Luxembourg. I wanted to be part of the first generation of MBA graduates from a school that is really starting something exciting and new. I knew it was going to be challenging, and it was a rigorous program that forced me to grow. The chance to work hard with students who shared the same passion and drive was truly phenomenal.

David Villegas

Weekend MBA - Class of 2017

Enterprise Architect / Digital Transformation Office - SES Satellites

Studying at LSB was like a journey through rough waters that brought me to better shores with a variety of great people along the way. It has been an enriching experience that has enabled me to become both a better person and a better manager. I have gained a new entrepreneurial mindset, coupled with a business insight that has directly impacted every decision I made and will make in the future.

Marco Pacitto

Weekend MBA - Class of 2017

Senior Manager / Spacecraft Operations - SES Satellites

One of the things I like most about our class is that everybody is different: everyone has a different background, a different nationality, a different working experience. We learn by exchanging and communicating with each other. It is a great feeling to discover things and grow together. We build a network that I am sure will last in time.

Alessia Codiglione

Weekend - MBA Class of 2017

Head of Information System Services - Post Technologies

LSB brings the greatest professors from all across Europe and the other side of the Atlantic and brings them to me here; it is a very special offer. But one of the great benefits of LSB is that you get in contact with people - and it is not brief, you are going to be sitting there and learning with these people for two years.

Jonathon Tabet

Weekend MBA - Class of 2017

Associate Transaction Management Officer - Financial Services Sector

Before the start of the program, I had a team of 15 people and I did not have a clue how to manage them. With the Weekend MBA, I changed my way of thinking, I understand what it means to motivate and inspire people. That was my biggest achievement.

Natalya Iskra

Weekend MBA - Class of 2018

Head of Billing - Clearstream

I learned a lot of tools and concepts that are immediately applicable and that’s the most important thing for a business school. What you learn, you can apply immediately. I chose LSB because it is located in the middle of Europe, so you can develop an international network. The biggest challenge I faced was handling the time. I had to run my company in Greece while studying in Luxembourg and I managed to make it happen. During the Weekend MBA, I acquired time management skills which was a very important lesson, and now after graduating I have the feeling I can achieve anything in life now.

Georgios Konstantinidis

Weekend MBA - Class of 2018

International Business Development - Gourmel Group

I choose the Weekend MBA for the flexibility of the format. I also liked very much the international faculty. It’s really amazing to attend a class in Luxembourg with Professors from Harvard or MIT. The school has a real-case based approach and prepares you for the daily challenges in your company. I also realized I can do more of what I thought I could. Finally, one of the greatest aspects of the Weekend MBA was to collaborate with people with different professional background and culture, different agendas and different ways to solve challenges.

Lina Kavoliune

Weekend MBA - Class of 2018

Finance director - Hayfin

About Women in Leadership
Working alongside such competent and experienced women presented a unique opportunity to grow professionally and develop my skills which I plan to implement in the workplace

Una Clifford

Senior Strategy Advisor

European Investment Bank



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