Executive education

Custom programs

Whether it’s a two-day training for an SME or a 1-year development program for an international company, our customised courses provide solutions for your employees.

In complex environments, companies need to learn, change and innovate. Our programs can help you align vision, strategy, and implementation by having executives and managers participate in a custom-made program designed to meet the needs of your organization. Our primary goal is to make an impact on your organization.

Core Areas

  • Strategy
  • Change managment
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Operations
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Digitalization


Our faculty consists of a balanced mix of top academics and executives, with experience in a variety of industries. We can provide clients with solutions on their key business issues, whether your organization has to reevaluate its mission and vision, or its strategy.

Change managment

LSB faculty can accompany your transformation process. Our faculty members have led and successfully executed some of the largest mergers and change processes in Europe.


Developing leaders is what we love to do at LSB. Our specific approach can be described as real-world focused with strong theoretical support. We believe that experienced professionals have to learn by doing. In the past, we collaborate with a leader in transport and logistics in Luxembourg to create a tailor-made program in general management to prepare their Head Off for the next stage of their career.


LSB actively helps client organizations improve negotiating capabilities. Clients looking to develop negotiation skills within sales, purchasing, marketing or other business functions turn to LSB to make it happen. Repeatedly, we worked with the sales team from various sectors such as banking, energy, European institution, etc.


At LSB we believe that technology and the demand for increased productivity will radically change the nature of work, and how it is organized. Companies looking to adapt to these new circumstances turn to us for advice. Some of our faculty members are among the leading experts in the field of operations. Using methodologies such as Dynamic Work Design, we help clients streamline their businesses and increase productivity.


At LSB we believe that trust is key to organizational success. Among our faculty, we have some of the world’s top experts on trust. Our faculty have developed proprietary models and frameworks, backed by solid scientific research, on how individuals and organizations can build trust and create strong relationships both with internal and external stakeholders.


One of the main driver of productivity, competitive advantage, and organizational value is innovation. With the help of our faculty, develop the ability of your teams to think creatively, and implement innovative solutions.


In every industry, digital technologies are redefining the way consumers behave. Traditional businesses are challenged and need to transform to stay competitive in a redefined market. Our digital business approach highlights the best practices for building a long term strategy and succeed in this digital revolution.

Our Methodology

Analyzing your needs

The goal in a first phase is to outline the needs, challenges, and objectives of your company to add value with a tailor-made program. This is achieved through intensive dialogue with the client

Design of the solution

Our faculty will then determine the format, content and teaching methods of the program. They will create a structured approach and the steps needed for the goal that has been set.

Delivery of the program

Our programs are delivered using a large range of learning tools such as classroom sessions, role plays, case studies, work projects, and coaching.

Results follow up and evaluation

During and after the delivery of the solution, participants are asked for feedback on all aspects of the programme to make course adjustments, secure goal achievement and evaluate the results.

Clients Companies

Tailor-made programs for companies to improve the capabilities of their managers and executives.



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