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For safety reasons, all the Executive Education classes are held in line with the WHO and Luxembourg Ministry of Health guidelines. The size of the group is limited to 25 participants.


“Focus on your strengths instead of trying to improve your weaknesses”. In this unique course, Jan Muhlfeit teaches you how to identify and capitalize on your strengths and those of each member of your team.
You will also learn an innovative methodology to achieve excellence in specific skills and obtain high-performance results in your organization.
The world is obsessed with weaknesses. Individuals and organizations think that fixing faults and flaws is the only way to make it to the top. This preoccupation with weaknesses is the biggest illusion of our time and a huge waste of the most valuable resources we have as human beings: our unique strengths.

Who should attend?

  • Mid and Senior Management & C-Level or Human Resources Managers who are looking to develop the talents of their employees and embrace a positive leadership mindset.
  • This program is appropriate for diverse industries, including high technology, pharmaceutical, medical, energy, consulting, and investment banking.

Program Objectives

  • Focus on your strengths instead of trying to improve your weaknesses
  • Find your personal uniqueness and ‘play in the premier league’ for the rest of your life
  • Manage your energy instead of trying to manage your time
  • Focus on your strengths instead of trying to improve your weaknesses
  • Know how to invest in the talents of your employees
  • Be able to use strengths to be a top performer
  • Be able to build own development plan based on strengths
  • Understand how different strengths can work together
  • Understand how strengths influence performance
  • Understand the creation of the teams based on the strengths
  • Be able to use strengths in daily situations


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate to add to your CV and LinkedIn profile.


Jan Mühlfeit, former Chairman of Europe for Microsoft, is a global strategist with a proven track record in building successful teams and organizations. He spent almost 22 years working for Microsoft, the last 15 of which were in top management. His last post before he left in 2014 was Chairman Europe of the Microsoft Corporation, a position he held from 2007. Jan coaches top executives around the world and works with Luxembourg School of Business, INSEAD or Cambridge University.


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Executive Education Program Manager
Email: julien.alves@luxsb.lu
Mobile: + 352 621 659 555
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Executive Education offers training designed to develop your leadership skills, expand your business knowledge and connect you to a network of peers.



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