Webinar: Trust in Times of Crisis

Luxembourg School of Business is taking steps to help the community during this lockdown: for the next 2 weeks, our professors will be available every day for a 1-hour webinar at 4 P.M. 


The COVID19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the global economy and all of us as individuals.  We could look at the profound economic impacts experienced as the consequence of a dramatic decline in trust.  While there may be a temptation to focus on the response to the pandemic as a unique experience.  The reality is that this is part of a class of problems that provoke uncertainty and create an increased scarcity of trust.  This session will include a brief introduction to how trust works, why it’s been in decline and how we can potentially use our experiences during this event to prepare for future shocks.  There will be a blend of lectures with opportunities for questions I’ll attempt to answer.

Meet the speakers

Dr. Darryl Stickel has a Ph.D. in Business from Duke University and has worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. His specialty is building trust. Darryl’s Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Building Trust in Hostile Environments”. Dr. Stickel has served an interesting and diverse group of clients ranging from senior military professionals deployed in Afghanistan, to chief executive officers running multinational corporations.

Dr. Darryl Stickel, is a professor at the Luxembourg School of Business teaching in the MBA program and a variety of executive education programs.

Kelsy Trigg is an ultrarunner, Race Director, and VP @SAP. Kelsy’s focus on leadership is woven into her role as the Global Head, HR Advisors; a team that gets the opportunity to work with, support and consult SAP’s 6000+ mid and first-level leaders every day.

Self-described as “intentionally stubborn in her pursuit of excellence”, Kelsy has a knack for seeing and fostering strengths in those around her and she brings her love of the mountains to everything she does. She is an avid champion of inclusion and the value of sport in developing leadership. This combined with her broad business background including roles in Professional Services, Development, Customer Support, Maintenance Sales, Finance, COO Operations and HR gives her a unique perspective.

Kelsy previously ran her own consulting company of one, holds an Honours Diploma in Computer Systems Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is an MBA mentor with the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.


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