Planning the Digitalisation of your business


In every industry, digital technologies are redefining the way consumers behave. Traditional businesses are challenged and need to transform to stay competitive in a redefined market. This program focuses on how executives can apply new strategies and business models in order to give your organization a competitive edge. While we base this course on the most current thinking related to theories of digital transformation, your time and efforts will be focused on applying the theory to the problems your company is facing.

Who should attend?

  • Any professional who wishes to gain an understanding of the complex and wide-ranging nature of the digital transformation
  • Any professional who is responsible for contributing to, or leading, the digital transformation efforts at his/her company
  • Any leader who is worried about the forces of digital transformation that are affecting his/her company and wants to react appropriately

Program Objectives

  • Describe a framework for understanding the pressures related to digital transformation placed on a company plus the possibilities for responding to them
  • Apply the framework and all of its associated analytical tools to the participant’s company as a means of coming up with appropriate steps in the digital transformation of a company
  • Prepare a presentation for company leadership that takes all through the decisions and actions that have to be made in order to digitally transform the business.


Dr. Scott Moore is Principal Learning Strategist at ExtensionEngine where he helps higher education institutions understand how to respond to the digital transformation of their industry. Prior to this, he was a tenured faculty member and head of the undergraduate program at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan; he later was dean of the undergraduates at Babson College. While at Michigan he won the university’s highest faculty award for teaching while also being the only two-time winner of business school’s student award for teaching. He taught courses in information technology, consulting, and general business. He holds a masters in business from Georgia Tech and a Ph.D. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Whether you are leading an organization, managing a team or interested in advancing in your career, the Weekend MBA help you achieve your career expectations.


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