Leading Teams


This course will provide a foundation of leadership fundamentals to new leaders. Participants will have a deeper understanding of the key contributors to team performance and will be equipped with a number of tactical tools and approaches to immediately put into practice within their organization. Participants will be able to more effectively motivate team members; to form teams that are complementary—to each other, and to the leader; are more likely to yield better decisions and team outcomes, including productivity, performance, and innovation.

Who should attend?

  • This course is primarily targeted toward those new to leading a team. 

Program Objectives

The program will draw on rigorous academic research to provide both a theoretical understanding, as well as a set of tactical tools, focused primarily on 5 key topics:

  • Motivating individuals in teams
  • The five enablers of team effectiveness
  • Role design
  • Assessment and team member selection
  • Decision-making in teams

Finally, participants will learn about themselves as leaders through a series of brief assessments. The self-assessment will provide a framework for understanding team-member complementarity. 

Dr. Paul Green Jr. – Conference ”Leading by influence”


Dr. Paul Isaac Green is a Professor in Management at McCombs School of Business. He earned his Ph.D. at Harvard Business School. In 2006, after five years as an entrepreneur, Paul joined The Morning Star Company, a California based integrated food processing company, where he co-founded the Morning Star Self-Management Institute. Morning Star, which has been called,” the world’s most creatively managed company” and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s most audacious companies because of their organizational system, is widely considered one of the world’s leading organizational innovators. Paul has spoken to audiences in the U.S.and around the World and won the 2012 Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for his work advancing Self-Management.

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