Women in Leadership


While many studies prove the positive impact of having women in leading positions, they still have to rise to special challenges.: evolving in a male-dominated organization, overcoming stereotypes and biases, increasing personal presence and network, etc. Thanks to this workshop, you will be able to understand and master typical challenges in woman leadership, recognize gender pitfalls but also develop your personal leadership formula for success.

Who should attend?

This workshop is useful for senior and mid-level female executives who want to improve in virtue and effectiveness within their business without losing their feminity and authenticity.  Participants from all functional areas and all industries are welcome.

Program Objectives

With the help of psychometric analysis, 1to1 personal coaching, feedback, negotiation simulations, and networking, you will gain insights and hands-on experience:

  • Male vs female leadership and communication strategies – what we can learn from each other
  • Self-awareness- creating your own leadership style – know your drivers and patterns – Discover who are you as a leader
  • Self-management and marketing – sell yourself and your successes – First impression assessment
  • Dealing with internal conflicts – personal needs versus leadership role (e.g. ”Boss” and ”Mother”)
  • Understand and master typical challenges in female leadership
  • Recognize gender pitfalls early enough to react properly
  • Characteristic of a successful manager
  • Learn the root causes of the barriers that exist for women in the workplace
  • Check your own gender biases and distinguish between confidence and competence in your colleagues
  • Manage a more effective gender-diversity program; Recognize the issues women face when speaking up
  • Know-how to reenter the workforce after taking time off and to create opportunities to reach your ambitions
  • How to better differentiate yourself and say ”no”
  • Action plan for your personal growth
  • Tips for managing managers

”Through a provoking workshop, an important first step towards becoming an aware and confident leader”

Martha Hughes
Transaction Management Officer – Project Finance
European Investment Bank

”The best about this workshop is being among experienced women and having the time to reflect”

Julie Ludmann
New Markets Business Development Director
EasyPark Group

”Working alongside such competent and experienced women presented a unique opportunity to grow professionally and develop my skills which I plan to implement in the workplace”

Una Clifford
Senior Strategy Advisor
European Investment Bank

‘Very good and interesting examples with practical exercises”

Francesca Fiorica
Associate Director – Fund Administration Luxembourg Operations
Tristan Capital Partners


Dr. Marion Bourgeois is the Founder of MBBT, a German leadership consultancy. With 20 years of leadership experience in IT, Marketing, Strategy, and Human Resources, and especially as former SVP Competence Management at Deutsche Telekom. Marion’s empathetic style and practical experience enable clients to achieve sustainable high performance in complex business situations. Marion Bourgeois has a university degree in physics and then did her Ph.D. in France. She is a certified Coach (EMCC) and Business Mediator (University of Nancy, France) as well as very experienced in facilitation.

Whether you are leading an organization, managing a team or interested in advancing in your career, the Weekend MBA help you achieve your career expectations.



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