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This course outlines how leaders need to have a deep and nuanced understanding of individual’s behavior in an organizational setting. The key to successful leadership in today’s world is not by authority but by influence. The focus will be to create effective leadership and to understand the difference in management and leadership.

Who should attend?

  • Any professionals who are looking to enhance their leadership and management skills whether you are a business unit head, a director or an executive. Participants from all functional areas and all industries are welcome.

Program Objectives

Understanding the leadership concept through two perspectives: Leader as Influencer and the Leader as Organizational Architect. It will help you understand how leaders affect followers behavior directly as influencers and indirectly as crafters of organizational structures. Major topics that will be covered:

  • Leading without power will help participants to develop important insights about influence, motivation & accountability.
  • Leading for innovation it will help participants to explore the organizational and psychological forces that inhibit innovation and progress in organizational settings.
  • Leading through change participants will explore the tensions between investing time and resources into operational improvements and investing in repairing a broken culture.
  • Leading through growth how an organization can grow, while sustaining entrepreneurial drive and motivation of employees.

Upon completion of the program participants will have a deeper understanding of human behavior and the other factors that can enhance or detract from motivation. Candidates will be able to view the function of the leadership in a structured manner. The course will help individuals to advance their leadership skills and enhance their strongest traits.


Miquel Llado is a Lecturer at the Department of Strategic Management at IESE. He holds an Advanced Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona. He combines teaching with Strategic Management consulting through his own firm Peak Business Advisory, since 2008. Experience in 20 sectors-industries. He has an extensive Executive background: Group President and CEO at Sara Lee Bakery Europe, Vice president Marketing & Sales at Bimbo Spain & Portugal, Vice president New Businesses at PepsiCo Foods Spain & Portugal, Director of Sales & Special Projects at PepsiCo Foods International in USA. Miquel Llado was elected Spain’s Best Executive 2000 by the Spain Business Association AED.


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