Finance for Non-Finance Professionals (May)

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What’s the ROI on that software your department wants to buy?“; “Why are your sales reps sacrificing gross margin for revenue? “; “The CFO noticed that profits are high but cash flow is very low“. When you hear this, even after years of experience, you still feel lost because you have no formal training in finance. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals is a program that will teach you what you need to know to participate in this discussion. 

Who should attend?

  • Any professional who wishes to gain the skills necessary to understand how businesses operate and how financial information is presented, analyzed and interpreted. 
  • Any professional with budget responsibility or who wishes to understand how budgets and costs can be effectively controlled. 
    This course is suitable for managers, directors, lawyers, and professionals of all levels, across any industry, who are expected to make business decisions with a direct financial impact to their business’ bottom line.
  • In the previous editions of our Finance for Non-Finance for Professionals, we welcomed participants from companies such as Cargolux, Encevos, Luxair, Vodafone, Fanuc, Six Payment Services, SWN, Edison Capital Partners, etc.
  • The participants were from a variety of position such as Head of IT, Sales Manager, Director of Fleet Planning, Marketing Director, Project Management Office Director, etc.

* For candidates that cannot block their schedule for the entire 5 days, there are flexible options to complete the program during the next sessions.


“Useful application of theoretical concepts and great ability to teach from the lecturer”

Dr. Patrick Beschorner – Corporate Development and Strategy at Encevos

“This workshop will prove to be of great benefit in my day to day business”

Andy Nolan – Manager Maintenance Sales and Customer Service at Cargolux

“Very valuable training! I have a better understanding of financial tools that I will be able to apply right away on current projects “

Christophe Le Moigne – Program Development Director at SWM International

Program objectives

Understanding financial statements

  • Learn how to interpret financial statements and diagnose potential problems.
  • Understand how income statement and balance sheet are created and what they do (and don’t) tell about the company’s business. 

Managing Budgets and Costs

  • Learn how budgets are created, managed and used to effectively control costs and increase value.
  • Explore the techniques and procedure companies use to forecast and control costs, their impact on corporate strategy, financial fundamentals, organizational structures and the people within them.

Making investment decisions

  • Understand how investment decisions are made and measured.
  • How are these investments assessed, analyzed and how will they impact your business’ financial position – that is up to you as a manager to determine.


Dr. Grubisic started his career in 2002 in the USA as a finance analyst in Sodexho Inc. In 2007, he became Head of Corporate Finance within Erste Group in charge of the Croatian market. Erste Group Bank AG is one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe serving 15.7 million clients. In 2010, he started a corporate finance firm: Grubisic & Partners focusing on Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Raising, Valuations, and due diligence.

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