Coaching for Improved Performance

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For safety reasons, all the Executive Education classes are held in line with the WHO and Luxembourg Ministry of Health guidelines. The size of the group is limited to 25 participants.


In this workshop, we explore the role of coaching in improving the performance of our colleagues at work. We adapt the principles and practices of professional coaches for organizational managers who wish not to become full-time coaches but desire to be able to apply those lessons in their situations.

Who should attend

Leaders coaching leaders: senior managers who seek to develop competencies to effectively coach their teams or who are transitioning into a coaching role.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to sharpen their leadership skills, maintain accountability and drive results.

Program Objectives

The workshop is designed to be a highly practical and experiential approach to leadership coaching. As such, we will utilize live cases drawn from participants’ own experiences rather than static pre-programmed cases.

Participants will practice coaching and being coached in order to gain immediate experiences that form the basis for examining the challenges in coaching on the job. While the workshop has a plan and set of activities and exercises, we leave room to explore topics and issues that the participants find most pressing in their contexts.

This combination of structure and flexibility offers participants the optimal learning experience. Participants can expect on completing the workshop to be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained over the two days. As they initiate their own coaching on the job, they will be able to use what they learned to improve their practice.

One of the values of attending this workshop is participants will discover the best sources of information that they can reference going forward after leaving the workshop.


Dr. Randy Richards, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. spent almost 20 years in management in both the public and the private sector before becoming a full-time professor at St. Ambrose University. During a twenty-four-year full-time academic career at St. Ambrose, he taught in the College of Business and in the Philosophy Department. He served as Chair of the Management Department, Director of the Master of Organizational Leadership, and the Master of Business Administration. He is an experienced facilitator and highly skilled workshop designer for adult learners and has an active consulting and coaching practice. His areas of expertise are conflict management, leading change, leadership practices, dialogical skills, and small group dynamics. Randy estimates he has taught over 10,000 people across all of his courses and workshops.


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